SHORT WRITING TO MASTER CONTENT STANDARDS Daily writing focuses students’ minds on what they are studying in every class, building mastery of curriculum content one standard at a time. Students improve their analysis of and reflection on what they learn as they use critical-thinking journal strategies in interactive journals.

MASTERING EXTENDED WRITING Structures provides concrete and practical guidance for every step of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, evaluating and publishing. A Writing Cycle helps students become the masters of their own thoughts in writing.

LEARNING GRAMMAR THROUGH WRITING Research shows that sentence-combining practice is the method of grammar instruction that transfer best to student performance on tests of written expression (Writing Next,  2007). Sentence Building consistently produces two years’ growth in language maturity in 15-23 weeks.

W2WIN ONLINE The same reliable writing-based routines online! W2Win PATTERNS and UNDERSTANDINGS routines are now on the computer and easier then ever to use.  We have partnered up with MySatori to bring you an interactive and responsive version of Writing to Win. Make the switch and see how easy using writing to learn can be in your class.

Understandings Structures Patterns EW2W

Embodying the principles of standards-based learning, Writing to Win® instructional routines provide detailed writing tasks and guidance for every day of the school year, K through 12. When teachers faithfully employ our five key practices of writing-based learning, the routines enlarge learning for all students in ELA, math, science, social studies, humanities and CTAE. What to expect as a Writing to Win school is significant, productive collaboration among students and teachers. Writing to Win routines build confident, independent writers, amounting to a win for everyone involved.   Learn more