As in any part of the business world, word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool available! The business of writing to learn is no different. Check out what some of our clients have to say about the Writing to Win routines for writing based learning.

"Writing to Win is flexible and easily adapted to the needs-based situations that all schools and districts face. Whether users choose to begin with the Extended Process Writing, the Short Writing to Learn or Sentence Building components, the key elements of a true "writing to enhance student learning" process are clear and present."

K. Faircloth, Director of Student Improvement and Professional Learning

"I like the design of Writing to Win. It allows me to bring in writing without feeling overwhelmed with the implementation and doesn’t use much of the entire class time."

L. Higgins, teacher

"I would highly recommend the Writing to Win program to any school system interested in improving the writing skills of their students."

M. Fowler, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

"With Writing to Win, I have found what our district critically needed - a "One Stop Shop" to address the key elements of our state standards for English Language Arts and all the other content areas."

Dr. I. Jones, Professional Learning Specialist

"A Writing to Win workshop provided all of the tools for me and 25 students? Unheard of. I have everything I need for Common Core writing standards."

C. Rosa, teacher