Sentence Building, Level 3 Teacher's Manual

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Sentence Building 3 teacher manuals include 43 lessons of language puzzles that insure that students meet a wide variety of grammatical patterns of Standard Written English over 21 weeks. The lessons are filled with research-based sentence-combining puzzles that help Elementary students put sentences together instead of taking them apart. With a balance of oral, written and kinesthetic practices, students amass a repertoire of mature sentences in their minds for them to call up as they write. 

Sentence Building 3 begins with combining sentence-parts into simple declarative sentences, it moves on to:

  • Creating interrogative sentences
  • Creating imperative sentences (commands)
  • Creating negative sentences
  • Creating simple sentences with adverb and adverb phrases
  • Creating compound subjects in simple sentences
  • Creating compound predicates in simple sentences
  • Creating complex sentences with noun clauses
  • Creating complex sentences with adverb clauses
  • Creating complex sentences with adjective clauses

Includes lessons that review the patterns in Levels 1-2

teacher manuals include

  • a pre-test and posttest
  • written and oral lessons
  • guidelines for teacher and students
  • tips for teaching each lesson
  • periodic written assessments
  • suggested answers for every lesson


A student workbook is essential as a consumable resource for Sentence Building 3. Sold separately.

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