Sentence Building, Level 5 Student Book

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Sentence Building 5 student books present 38 lessons that help Elementary students put sentences together instead of taking them apart. With a balance of oral, written and kinesthetic practices, students amass a repertoire of mature sentences in their minds for them to call up as they write. Completed books document how many grammatical patterns of Standard Written English students acquire over 15 weeks.

Sentence Building 5 includes practice creating the following sentence patterns.

  • Review patterns in Levels 1-4
  • Creating interrogative sentences
  • Creating imperative sentences (commands)
  • Creating negative sentences
  • Creating passive sentences
  • Creating sentences with emphasis
  • Creating simple sentences with adverb and adverb phrases
  • Creating compound subjects in simple sentences
  • Creating compound predicates in simple sentences
  • Creating complex sentences with noun clauses
  • Creating complex sentences with adverb clauses
  • Creating complex sentences with adjective clauses

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