Writing to Win Professional Learning Books

Add these three professional learning titles to your library to revolutionize the way you use writing to learn in your classroom.

K-10: Constructed Responses for Learning

K-8: Writer's Workshop for the Common Core

6-12: Empowering Students to Write and Re-Write

Writer's Workshop for the Common Core

Writing instruction expert Warren Combs presents a step-by-step plan for teaching writing workshops that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The book is filled with practical mini-lessons, strategies, and tools for every stage of the writing process, from prewriting through publication. Scripting is provided, to show teachers how to model each strategy for students. In addition, Dr. Combs shows how teachers can use the following elements:

  • The concepts Voice, Pictures, and Flow, to help students understand the essential elements of writing
  • The words Invite, Model, Write, Look, and Learn, to model effective writing for students and have them learn from your example
  • Revision strategies such as Jot and Blend, Combining Sentences, Writing Leads, and Writing Closes
  • Peer revision using Peer-Assisted Learning Systems (PALS)
  • Student self-assessment rubrics

Empowering Students to Write and Re-Write

Give your students the confidence to continuously improve their writing. In Empowering Students to Write and Re-write: Standards-Based Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers, author and educator Warren Combs provides teachers with detailed strategies and lesson plans, along with real student writing samples.

Teachers will help their students:

  • Self-assess their progress with accuracy
  • Revise partial and whole drafts
  • Kindle their innate writing abilities
  • Cultivate a mindset for revision

Constructed Responses for Learning

Teaching students to write constructed responses does not have to become a test-prep chore. An intentional routine of constructed responses provides powerful opportunities to teach strategic thinking through writing that also deepens students’ knowledge about core subjects. In this clear guide from education consultant Warren Combs, you’ll learn how and why to teach students to write these short essays, no matter what subject or grade level you teach.

Special features:

  • Writing prompts that are based on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and provide practice for students at all skill levels
  • Practical strategies to build critical thinking and improve students’ writing, including sentence stems, acrostics, framed stories, analogies, and quad clusters
  • Student self-assessment guidelines and rigorous peer-response strategies
  • An interactive log to help you manage best practices and keep students engaged
  • Reading-Writing Modules to help you review and implement the instructional practices and strategies
  • Sample student work, at different levels, with analysis

Throughout the book, you’ll find handy tools such as rubrics, logs, and checklists.