A Writing Cycle for the Writing Process - High School Teacher Package

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A Writing Cycle for the Writing Process prompts students to complete weekly writing tasks that align the writers workshop model to the Common Core State Standards. It eases the stress for teaching and testing students’ mastery of a writing genre in nine weeks or less.

Writing Cycle empowers students to:

  • Respond to a writing prompt unassisted.
  • Write three separate first drafts based on reading texts related to a course standard
  • Select one of the first drafts to revise, proofread, evaluate and publish with the help of peers
  • Respond to a writing prompt unassisted.

Package Components

Writing Cycle instructional package includes:

  1. A teacher manual that includes:
    • Instructional tools for organizing writing tasks over longer time frames
    • Instructional strategies that helps students acquire productive habits of
      • Drafting, revising and proofreading
      • Responding to the quality of peers writing.
    • Pacing guides for designing effective writing cycles
    • Examples of how to create writing cycles for any subject of the curriculum
    • A student exemplar of a completed working portfolio
  2. A wall chart for activating each writing cycle and charting student progress
    • A Writing Cycle for Teacher's Expectations
  3. Dr. Combs' professional learning text
    • Empowering Students to Write and Re-Write

Student Working Portfolios and Unassisted Writing Samples compliment the teacher materials. Sold separately.

Additional Information

Page Count 239 pages (teacher manual) 210 pages (PL text)