A Working Portfolio of the Writing Cycle - High School Student

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Writing Cycle Working Portfolios organize student and teacher writing over longer time frames with convenient, ready-to-use portfolios. Working Portfolios lead teachers and students through extended writing in an organized and systematic way. They also provide practice with writing three first drafts in the same mode of writing in one genre.

  • Students are prompted to select their best first draft.
  • Teachers complete a First Draft Response Form that prompts students to move through the rest of the writing process: revising, proofreading, evaluating and publishing.
  • Completed student working portfolios add value to parent-teacher conferences and document the degree to which students have mastered the modes of a genre.

Included with each working portfolio, an Unassisted Writing Sample completes the Writing Cycle and assesses students' mastery of the strategies they experienced in the working portfolio. The completion of four working portfolio with unassisted writing samples satisfies the Common Core State Standards for extended writing for a school year.

The Working Portfolios for the following modes of writing are available for grades 9-12. Purchase Working Portfolios individually or choose your desired grade level package and receive four modes for the year.

 Argument genre - Argument

Informative/explanatory genre - Character Sketch, Explain a Process, Compare-Contrast, Problem-Solution, Cause-Effect, Fiction research report, Explain a Classification, Non-fiction research report

Narrative genre - Non-fiction Narration, Summary of a Source, News Report

Since each Working Portfolio teaches and tests student mastery of a mode of writing each quarter (nine weeks), it is critical to vertically align your choice of four Working Portfolios per grade in grades 9-12. In this way six of the 12 modes of writing receive a full quarter of instructional time. Following Common Core State Standards, each quarter focuses on a mode of writing in either narrative, informative/ex­plan­a­tory or argument genre.

  Grades 9-12

If you do not select the default alignment of grade-level packages, create your own alignment and select individual modes that best support your curriculum. 


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