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Constructed Responses for Learning: short, daily writing online

With a laptop or an iPad with a keyboard, experience this efficient approach to short writing online. Play the demo and see what taking W2Win to the next level can mean to your students.

Let technology spark the energy your students need in their short, journal writing to learn math, science, social studies or ELA. With the MySatori Learner Management System (LMS) behind W2Win Online, you can...

  • Choose a current standard of your curriculum.
  • Select from eight, tested journal prompts provided for your use.
  • Use the 8-12 key terms provided or revise the list.
  • Use the default number of key terms expected or adjust it to your students' needs.
  • Use the default number of sentences expected or adjust it to your students' needs.
  • Choose a PALS strategy that provides immediate, helpful feedback in argument/opinion or informational genre.

Enjoy writing along with your students as they write to learn; watch them enjoy becoming strong, independent thinkers and responding to core standards.  



STRUCTURES - Coming Soon!

13 structures of Common Core extended writing (fulfilling 10 key elements recommended by Writing Next)

Projected availability – 2016



Sentence Building: grammar that improves scores on extended writing (GA Milestones)

With a laptop or an iPad with a keyboard, you can experience a language lesson online that is a research-based approach to teaching applied grammar. Our first experience with Georgia Milestones showed us that the language skills items were all applied. How well did students apply their grammar instruction in constructed responses and extended writing?

Imagine grammar instruction that has you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and gives your students something to get excited about! With W2Win Online, you will: 

  • Meet a challenging, new grammatical pattern in an oral, whole-group activity.
  • Practice the same pattern in written practice for mastery.
  • Gain confidence as the computer gives immediate feedback on each sentence puzzle and celebrates each item completed as it is signaled.
  • See the patterns you can assign students online every week.
  • See periodic written assessment that assess what students have retained from the five previous lessons.

Watch the level of excitement rise for grammar instruction as: 

  • Students ask to do another grammar lesson online.
  • You differentiate grammar assignments for your students with a single key-stroke.
  • The new grammatical patterns begin showing up in your students' writing.
  • You complete language study for the year by January or early February.

The future of ELA testing is all about applied grammar; how do students use the grammar we teach in sentences that include robust word choice. The Writing Next report of 11 must-do strategies in teaching writing singles out "Sentence-combining Practice" (Strategy #6) as the only approach to grammar that has a positive effect on scores of written expression. 


*Writing Next is a report of the Alliance for Excellent Education to the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Writing Next (2007) highlights specific teaching techniques that work in the classroom. It does so by summarizing the results of a large-scale statistical review of research into the effects of specific types of writing instruction on adolescents’ writing proficiency. Although several important reviews of research on writing instruction exist (e.g., Langer & Applebee, 1987; Levy & Ransdell, 1996; MacArthur, Graham, & Fitzgerald, 2006; Smagorinsky, 2006), the special strength of this report is its use of a powerful statistical method known as meta-analysis. This technique allows researchers to determine the consistency and strength of the effects of instructional practices on student writing quality and to highlight those practices that hold the most promise.


What features can you expect from W2Win Online routines?

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