Professional workshops designed for a variety of educators form the foundation of Writing to Win professional services. Home-school parents, classroom teachers, building leaders and district administrators all benefit from these practical, hands-on experiences with the three Writing to Win instructional routines.

Three-Day Model Classroom Workshops

Model Classroom Workshop focus on  classroom teachers, building leaders, district administrators and home-school parents who have some acquaintance with a Writing to Win routine. Attendees are empowered to return to their schools and

  • Partner with a certified Writing to Win trainer in onsite training
  • Begin establishing model classrooms as a foundation for whole-school implementation.

SESSION: Writing to Win UNDERSTANDINGS routine for constructed responses for learning

This training presents critical-thinking strategies for short routine writing that improves student achievement by deepening their understanding of key concepts in all content areas.

 The workshop includes the following elements for the UNDERSTANDINGS routine:

  • Learning rituals and routines that set the stage for students to write every day for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Learning how critical-thinking strategies empower students to articulate and respond to key concepts in writing in all subjects (from math, reading, social studies and science to career and technical studies).
  • Setting expectations for student writing that are quantitative and qualitative.
  • Teaching students to make text-to-text and text-to-world connections in writing.
  • Conditioning students to assess their own work as part of their course grade.
  • Guiding student PALS to provide significant and constructive feedback to peers.
  • Creating short-answer essay prompts for informative/explanatory and argument genres.
  • Using daily short writing to support the development of key traits of state writing rubrics.


  • providing a procedure for selecting reading texts for each standard
  • teaching the process of creating prompts for constructed responses that cite evidence from reading texts
  • providing the background for creating and teaching explanations of the analogy

SESSION: Writing to Win STRUCTURES for extended responses to paired texts and PATTERNS for applied grammar

This training presents simple, concrete writing strategies that guide teachers in meeting common core extended writing standards as well as teaching grammar through writing.

 The workshop includes the following elements for the STRUCTURES routine:

  • Learning rituals and routines that effectively teach each step of the extended writing process.
  • Focusing on Common Core genres of narrative, informative/explanatory and opinion/argumentative writing.
  • Scoring student writing using a standard writing rubric to achieve reliability.
  • Using a primary-trait rubric to streamline teacher commentaries of first drafts.
  • Conditioning students to successful revising and proofreading (editing).
  • Using student-friendly rubrics for peer-revision and peer-evaluation.
  • Creating and administering writing prompts similar to state and national writing assessments.

 This workshop includes the following elements for the PATTERNS routine:

  • Learning rituals and routines that teach students to use mature grammatical patterns of Standard Written English in their independent writing.
  • Presenting only grammatically correct sentences, not error-filled sentences that confuse marginal writers.
  • Using sentence-combining lessons as mini-lessons for revising first drafts.
  • Experiencing oral, written and kinesthetic practices that help students achieve automaticity in using each grammatical pattern practiced.
  • Using sentence-combining to aid paragraph building and essay construction.

Dates and locations of upcoming workshops appear on our calendar. If one is not within driving distance of you, contact us to schedule a workshop near you.


Drive-in Awareness Workshops

Drive-in workshops focus on those who have never met Writing to Win before. They train attendees to return to their homes or schools and set one of the instructional routines in motion the very next day. Ideally, these workshops include two days separated by four to six weeks. On Day 1, the attendees receive all the teacher and student materials they need to pilot the routine in one model classroom of 25 students. On Day 2, they share their experiences in their model classrooms, show student exemplars and receive coaching and further training from a Writing to Win trainer.

Dates and locations of upcoming awareness workshops appear on our calendar. If one is not within driving distance of you, contact us to schedule an awareness workshop near you.

Awareness workshops emphasize one of the Writing to Win instructional routines: UNDERSTANDINGS, STRUCTURES or PATTERNS.