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Discover the Power of Integrated Reading and Writing Strategies

Writing to Win has been helping students win at reading, writing, and learning since 1986

Ensuring students use the grammar we teach when they write

Securing vocabulary retention in every course

Paired Texts

Easing students response to texts in the writing process


Providing lifelines for literacy


Fully integrated reading-writing routines that increase the depth of knowledge for ELA, math, science, and social studies in K-12 public / private schools.


Pioneering fully integrated reading-writing products and professional development in a competency-based education environment using Dr Marzano’s research.


A simple, proven sequence for using our integrated reading-writing routines in individual homeschools or co-ops.


Supporting your child’s mastery of grammar fluency, key vocabulary of topics, or extended responses to reading texts.


Writing to Win is a school improvement model of three integrated reading-writing routines with proven efficacy for student achievement on state tests. In a single year of writing, students  develop habits of understanding and applying new ideas in and out of school.

  • Applied Grammar ensures that students naturally use the grammatical patterns they study in their independent writing.
  • Writing on Demand secures vocabulary retention in ELA, math, science, and social studies.
  • Paired Texts Packets promise ease of using the writing process with insight in responding to reading texts.


Writing to Win’s routines revolve around the belief that students learn best by doing. All of our learning tools and strategies are research and competency-based and follow evidence-based practices. Each is tailored to fit the needs of students in:

  • Public and private schools
  • Marzano Academies
  • Homeschools
  • Distance learning

The Writing to Win curriculum includes both online learning as well as hard-copy instruction for teachers and students. Writing Next, a federally-directed research survey, recommends 11 key writing strategies that appear in our routines.

Since 2000, Writing to Win initiatives have served over 518,000 students onsite in 387 schools and homeschool associations in ten states. We are prepared to serve exponentially more students of all ages online around the world. Online resources for professional development for teachers, student orientation, and tutorials are available.

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They explain the benefits of reading and writing woven together in the following comments

They're Engaging!

Applied Grammar “The oral, kinesthetic, and written practices are the perfect blend that keeps each student active all the way to the close of each sentence-combining lesson.” 


Writing on Demand “The writing strategies focus on vocabulary building in all subjects and makes students eager to share their writing for peer evaluation.” 


Paired Texts Packets “The word study for each paired text is developing real word-smiths out of many of my students.”

They're Proficiency-Based!

Applied Grammar “Since our school provides four levels of sentence combining for me, I adjust my assignments for students to practice at their level of understanding.”  

Writing on Demand “The 5-level proficiency scale for each writing strategy is the most helpful example of competency-based learning I’ve used. It helps students identify the level of their responses and shows them how to move to the next level towards the learning target.”

Paired Texts Packets “The four levels of reading comprehension for each text help me address the needs of the big variety of readers in my class.”

They're Trackable!

Applied Grammar “Thank you for the online sentence-combining lessons! The color-coded log of the student’s scores on each lesson shows me who to help and who just needs a thumbs up.”


Writing on Demand “The student Log of Entries page is brilliant! In each student conference, we review progress, and the students set the next step toward their learning targets.”


Paired Texts Packets “Since the pages for reading comprehension and the writing process are identical in each Paired Texts Packet, student growth from packet to packet is clear.”

They're Data-Informed!

Applied Grammar “Applied Grammar Online records all the student performance data that our school needs. We’re confident that students above an 80% average use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.”  

Writing on Demand “The simple rubric for self and peer-evaluation converts into data that shows which students have mastered the key terms of course standards. We use it for student placement in the next year.”

Paired Texts Packets  “Our state ELA tests includes extended written responses to texts which are the perfect way to measure the impact of the Paired Texts. At the end of year 1, we know which teachers to use as model classrooms and which teachers need additional support.”

What We Emphasize

Writing to Win’s school sites focus on Five Key Practices for using writing to acquire new knowledge or communicate it to others. Our professional development for teachers ensures that these practices become second nature to teachers.

What models of teaching and learning does Writing to Win enhance?

Five Key Practices

Writers Workshop is the model on which Writing to Win is based. Our closet of instructional tools, strategies, and practices complement all models of teaching and learning. Whether a curriculum is competency-based, evidence-based, standards-based, traditional, or a combination, Writing to Win routines complement what teachers are already doing. Our emphasis on mature sentence variety, vocabulary building, and reading embedded in the writing process cut across the boundaries of all models. They ensure efficacy for student achievement on tests of all course standards.

Call Writing to Win for help in planning a winning implementation of integrated reading and writing strategies in your district, school, homeschool association, or home. We tailor any or all three Writing to Win routines to meet your students’ needs within your curriculum and resources.

During our 3-year implementation with districts and schools, we've served ...


Students since 2000


Schools since 2000


States since 2000

Let your students be the first in your area to experience the power of Writing to Win!

Our classroom action research proves our program works!

Applied Grammar

Writing on Demand

Paired Texts Packets

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