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Note – Applied Literacy routines move students beyond learning about reading and writing to systematic practice using them.



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Providing lifelines for literacy


Fully integrated reading and writing routines that complete the learning in a standards-based environment


Fully integrated reading and writing routines that complete the learning in faith-, classical-, knowledge-, or student-centered environments

Parents, teachers, and administrators say this about WRITING TO WIN routines

They're Engaging!

Applied Grammar “With the oral, kinesthetic, and written practices my students are never ready to stop when time is up, it keeps them active all the way to the close of each sentence-combining lesson.” 

Applied Vocabulary  “The writing strategies build the vocabulary of algebra and help my students participate better in class.” 

Applied Reading and Writing  “The word study for each paired texts is developing real word-smiths out of my students.”

They're Proficiency-Based!

Applied Grammar “Each Sentence Building lesson adjusts to the ability level of each of my students.”  

Applied Vocabulary  “The 5-level proficiency scale for each writing strategy helps students identify the level of their responses and shows them how to move to the next level towards the learning target.”

Applied Reading and Writing  “The four levels of reading comprehension for each text help me track my students from literal to inferential to evaluative reading comprehension.”

They're Trackable!

Applied Grammar “Thank you for the online sentence-combining lessons! The color-coded record of the student’s scores on each lesson shows me who to help and who needs a thumbs up.”

Applied Vocabulary “The student Log of Entries page is brilliant! I use them to conference with students, review progress, and watch students organize their writing on the Log of Entries.”

Applied Reading and Writing  “Since the reading and writing process is identical in each Paired Texts Packet, student growth from packet to packet is clear.”

They're Data-Informed!

Applied Grammar “Applied Grammar Online reports are great. I know my students scoring above 80% use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.”  

Applied Vocabulary “The simple rubric for self and peer-evaluation converts into data that shows which students have mastered the key terms of course standards. We use it for student placement in the next year.”

Applied Reading and Writing  “Our state ELA tests include extended written responses to texts which are the perfect way to measure the impact of the Paired Texts Packets. At the end of year 1, we know which teachers to use as model classrooms and which teachers need additional support.”

In the last two years, we have placed all the digital and print resources that our client teachers and leaders need on our website. Clients simply log in to work productively with one of our trainers and learn to maintain the Year 1 impact for years to come.

  • Professional Development for teachers

  • Student orientations for each routine

  • Web tutorials for mini-lessons and for navigating our online curriculum.

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