ABOUT W2Win integrated reading-writing solutions

Our evidence-based learning practices result in significantly higher student achievement and greater engagement across core academic subjects. We emphasize growing teacher capacity by setting up and coaching model classrooms in each school with online and onsite training.

W2Win is an established research and evidence-based school improvement provider to K-12 public and private schools and homeschool associations since 1986. The progress of students we serve is measured independently on end-of-year and end-of-course state tests. The 3 W2Win instructional solutions – Frequent Writing on DemandApplied Grammar onlinePaired Texts Packets – show a consistently positive impact on student achieve in combination or standalone.

Recent definitive research in writing, Writing Next, identifies 11 effective writing practices that easily fit into any curriculum. Most of the studies blend reading into writing practices to impact student achievement positively. Click here to see the full correlation between the 3 W2Win solutions and Writing Next recommendations.

A positive and engaging learning environment in every classroom

Classrooms using W2Win instructional solutions are intentionally designed. Student materials (Frequent Writing on Demand, Applied Grammar, or Paired Texts Packets) are stored for ease of access. Students know what to do when they enter the classroom and eagerly perform their assigned roles in a day of teaching and learning. Teachers who follow a W2Win pacing guide replicate the evidence-based impact of W2Win pilot initiatives. Online instructional resources spring into action with a click on the teacher’s computer. Projected Writing on Demand prompts activate or close the work session in every class. Armed with self-assessment and peer-response rubrics, students respond to the quality of their own writing and that of their PALs.

Exemplary teacher and learning in every classroom

Teachers trained in the W2Win solutions see their students and integrated reading-writing in a new light. They use writing as the ultimate differentiator for learning. Students work with the W2Win tools in groups, each with an assigned task to report to the rest of the group or class. They read their writing aloud to a PAL and cite evidence from their writing for their score on a 3-trait rubric for the PAL to confirm or question (Writing on Demand). They eagerly participate as a whole-group in an oral-kinesthetic mini-lesson (Applied Grammar online). They assume the task of a spotter in analyzing and reporting the role of a key term in a reading text to their class (Paired Texts Packets). Teachers spend time and effort on small-group conferencing and on coaching, facilitating, and tracking student progress, all hallmarks of exemplary teaching.

An emphasis on purpose in learning

With every writing task, students accept and come to understand the purpose of their writing for a specific audience. Everything they write reaches a specific audience, from an assigned PAL to a small group, their whole class, the class next-door, or a special person the choose to send it to. Since students know their audience will provide a rubric-based response, write with greater engagement. Their writing does more than satisfy that requirements of the argument/opinion, informational, or narrative genres. Their narratives entertain, surprise, or provoke empathy. Their informational essays intrigue or marvel as they explain content-rich texts. Their arguments / opinion writing compels readers to agree, rethink ideas, or take action. In student-centered learning, simple, specific reading-writing tasks empower students to take the lead in their learning. As they perform their tasks, their performances divulge what they understand and misunderstand about course standards.




Professor of English linguistics

Dr. Combs is a former classroom teacher and university professor. He received degrees in English linguistics from the Missouri State University and English Education and Child Language Development from the University of Minnesota. He taught at the University of Minnesota and has served on the graduate faculties of the University of Georgia, Mercer University, and Western Washington University. Dr. Combs’ doctoral dissertation was an early study of the nature and effects of sentence-combining practice on the writing development of students (Research in the Teaching of English). As professor of language education, he advised graduate students in further explorations of sentence-combining practice. He continued to publish articles and books in the teaching of writing and was a member of the successful author team for The Writing Process, Allyn and Bacon.

The Timothy Road Writing Project, a federally funded initiative, expanded under Dr. Combs’ leadership and became incorporated as Erincort Consulting, Inc. (1986), the sole-source provider of the Writing to Win series (1986, 1997, 2005, 2011, and 2018). The 2018 edition of W2Win solutions includes online webinar support for all 3 solutions and composing on the computer for Applied Grammar online and Frequent Writing on Demand. At present, W2Win offers 3 instructional solutions that deliver the greatest efficacy for student achievement on state end-of-grade and end-of-course tests.

W2Win solution W2Win title Improved student achievement
Writing on Demand (online/print) Daily Writing to Learn the Curriculum, gr K-12 Benchmark tests, end-of-grade and end-of-course tests, ELA, math, science, social studies, CTAE
Paired Texts Packets (print) Paired Texts Packets, gr 3-12 Tests of reading comprehension and constructed and extended responses to texts
Applied Grammar (online/print) Sentence Building, levels 1-10 End-of-grade ELA tests; end-of-grade and end-of-course tests of written expression; benchmark writing tests

All of W2Win instructional practices arise from Dr. Combs’ with students in classrooms. Since 2000, the 3 W2Win solutions have served more than 350 K-12 schools with over 180,000 students across the United States. 147 of them have been recognized as Exemplary Schools of Writing.

Dr. Combs has been a longtime member of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Council of Teachers of English, Learning First, and the Georgia Council of Teachers of English. He has served as a reviewer for several national journal and presented regularly at regional and national conference throughout his career. He has authored 3 professional development texts for teachers distributed by Taylor and Francis Group: Empowering Students to Write and RE-write: standards-based strategies for middle and high school teachers, Writer’s Workshop for the Common Core: a step-by-step guide for grade 3-8 teachers, and Constructed Responses for Learning.

Dr. Combs lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife and professional colleague, Nell. They have three adult children and four grandchildren in Georgia and North Carolina.

Contact Dr. Combs (706-207-9749), Taylor (706-206-0275), or April (706-850-5854) to schedule a GoToMeeting and plan a winning implementation of integrated reading-writing solutions in your district, school, association, or home. They can tailor any or all 3 W2Win solutions to meet your students’ needs within your curriculum and resources.

Director of Instructional Technology for WRITING TO WIN

Taylor E. Combs

B.A. Cognitive Science, B.S. Neuroscience

Mr. Combs is a former neuroscience research assistant and philosopher. He received degrees in neuroscience and cognitive science from the University of Georgia at Athens. His research with Dr. James Brown investigated vision processing. Taylor’s greatest interest, though, is in childhood learning and development. His knowledge and experience proved to be a positive fit for his training on the 3 W2Win instruction solutions. His delivery of the W2Win training model has had a significant impact on K-12 teacher practices and student engagement as soon he began working in the field of education in 2014. Taylor is co-author of W2Win Paired Texts Packets for grades 3-12, student packets that seamlessly integrate reading and writing tasks in response to paired ELA, science, and social studies texts. The series is in use by over 20,000 students across the country, receiving high praise from teachers, homeschool parents, and students alike. As a W2Win trainer, Taylor has worked with all levels of students and teachers from kindergarten to 12th grade. He enjoys introducing 3rd graders to the U.S. Constitution just as much as analyzing Julius Caesar, genetic inheritance, or the separation of powers in democracies with soon-to-be high school graduates.

He has contributed much to the development of W2Win‘s online instructional solutions and leads the team in launching and supporting online installations. During his time off, Mr. Combs enjoys playing a variety of musical genres or taking his dogs on walks with his wife, Mary.