Applied Grammar

Puzzles that prompt students to analyze and create mature sentences

A Proven Way to Learning Language!

It’s engaging!Prompts in each lesson guide students to write with confidence
It’s proficiency based!Students move from proficiency level 0 to 3 in just weeks
It’s trackable!Students leave a trail of mastering key course vocabulary
It’s data informed!Students completing 3+ lessons / week post significant gains in writing, reading comprehension, and language skills.

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The Proven sentence-combining system that significantly boots student performance in reading comprehension, extended writing, and vocabulary

applied grammar Impact Data chart 040424

Every year our classroom action research reports double digit gains in the
percent of proficient or distinguished learners (green bar).

  • An urban elementary school grew 15% to within 11% of the state average

    (purple bar).

  • A suburban middle school approached the state average for the first time.

  • A rural middle school met the state average after years of settling for less.

  • A rural high school exceeded the state average after two years of decline.

What Our Applied Grammar Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions about Applied Grammar

Why is Applied Grammar online so effective?

Students see the Sentence Building puzzles as engaging and fun. An interactive video gets students up and moving with immediate energizing oral-kinesthetic practice. Practice in speaking, writing, and movement embed each pattern securely in students’ minds.

Does Applied Grammar online cover all state language standards?

Every one of them. In fact, each Sentence Building puzzle reinforces multiple standards at a time.

Does Applied Grammar online develop students keyboarding skills?

Oh my, yes! After 4-6 lessons on the online edition, teachers see improvement in students’ keyboarding speed and accuracy.

Will Applied Grammar online help my students learn to identify and explain the grammar patterns they practice?

Absolutely. Every Sentence Building lesson concludes with direct instruction in grammar called the Grammatical Pattern Practiced. Student PALS take turns explaining the pattern to one another.

Does Applied Grammar online do more than prepare my student to perform well on tests of extended writing?

Much more. Expect a significant rise in scores of reading comprehension, language skills, and vocabulary. Don’t be surprised by increased participation in class discussions too.

What makes Applied Grammar online different from traditional grammar instruction?

Applied Grammar is error-free. Only Standard American English sentences are included. The focus is on putting mature grammatical patterns together not just taking them apart.

What about the impact Applied Grammar online has on class environment?

Get set for an immediate positive impact. Students are eager to see the next Sentence Building lesson. They show increased cooperation and support among the PAL-pairs, and genuine celebrations at the close of each lesson.