5 Major Instructional Time savers!

Step #2 NONFICTION WRITING Let me guess. You’re surprised. How can writing possible save time? I know how you feel. I felt the same way early in my career, but then a good number of teachers I worked with helped me see that systematic writing could indeed save some very valuable time. You see, nonfiction […]

Solving the problem of time! – Teacher Efficacy

Remember how technology was going to save us all kinds of time? Then it happened. Technology actually allows us to do more, and we get to figure out how fit it all into the same amount of time. Fortunately, one of five time savers solves this accelerating problem of time in your classrooms. Big time […]

The place for writing in literacy

Join the Conversation   In the latest push for student growth in literacy, are you seeing enough attention given to writing? And is the attention to writing direct instruction on writing procedures, or systematic application of those procedures? The answer to these two questions explains why it is important that we teachers of listening, reading, […]

The real back to the basics!

Every few years, some educators and parents cry out, We got to get back to the basics! It conjures up a popular School Daze jingle I heard in elementary school,                      “readin’,                                […]

Be first in Teacher Clarity – Quantify!

After a summer of renewal, we teachers get excited about teaching our students’ the nuance of the life cycle of a frog and why it matters, the miracle of the water cycle, the wide use of linear equations, the universal themes of Dr. Seuss, or the serious responsibilities implied by the U.S. Bill of Rights. […]