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A simple way to write strong extended responses to reading texts

We hear you!

You want to HELP your students use the reading skills they are learning independently in their speaking and writing.


summarize a complex reading text with accuracy

infer an author’s meaning that goes beyond a summary

explain the role of an author’s choice of words in a reading text

And in their independent writing,

use key words from the text in constructing a response to a text-based question

construct an extended response to a question about multiple texts

use a state-aligned rubric to evaluate their writing

respond to a peer’s evaluation with a simple rubric

Fortunately, this is NOT too much to expect.

In three sessions per week for three weeks, one of our Applied Reading and Writing packets supports students in practicing all of the above HELP. We also support teachers in each session with

an interactive video lesson

jigsaw strategies for four levels of reading comprehension (literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied)

a scripted protocol of PAL-pairs and small-group responses

six prewriting options and six concrete revision strategies 

student-friendly analytic scoring rubrics

We’ve heard many teachers say that Applied Reading and Writing packets provide, “everything my students need for practicing reading and writing.”

By the way, for grades 3-12, Applied Reading and Writing provides packets for argument/opinion, informational, and narrative genres.

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