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Solving the problem of time! – Teacher Efficacy

Remember how technology was going to save us all kinds of time?

Then it happened. Technology actually allows us to do more, and we get to figure out how fit it all into the same amount of time.

Fortunately, one of five time savers solves this accelerating problem of time in your classrooms.

Big time saver #1


“The grammar strategy I used produced 15% more ELA-learners on our state test.”

Efficacy in teaching amounts to explaining how teaching accounts for a change in student test scores. Research data ranks teacher efficacy third among the 252 influences on student achievement (Hattie, 2018).

This teacher, let’s call her Rebecca, explains that her students experienced engaging practice creating the grammatical patterns of a language standard twice a week. The 20-minute lessons included an oral mini-lesson and written work session. That strategy she used explains why her students scored significantly higher than other students at the same grade level. What’s even better, is

  • an immediate increase in classroom participation
  • less time needed for language instruction

The increased test scores were just frosting on the cake. The more engaged her students became, the less time they needed for mastering the grammatical pattern. This is a really concrete example of Teacher Efficacy.

Rebecca’s story would be no surprise to best-selling author on success, Adam Grant. She countered a widely held misconception that

You have to master a knowledge or skill before you use it, and that’s just wrong.  The data shows what works best is for students to practice using their skills as they learn them.  In literacy lessons, that means speaking and writing.

– Adam Grant, Hidden Potential: the science of achieving greater things                                                (Random House, 2023).

Click here for a sample of how Rebecca gave her students practice creating complex sentences before they showed mastery of the skill.

Once you click here, tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll reach out soon so you can explain your situation fully. We can help your teachers start making the most of their instructional time.

If Grammar instruction is not your students most urgent need.

Click here for a sample of how students can practice using the vocabulary of course standards before they show mastery on the unit test in ELA, math, science or social studies.

Click here for a sample of how students can practice speaking and writing to better comprehend paired reading texts and an essay response to them both.

Time savers #2 – #5 to follow

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