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Writing to Win
three integrated reading-writing routines for homeschool parents and other individuals


Homeschool learning – Since 2000

Select homeschool cooperatives helped adapt the Writing to Win routines to use with homeschool students. In classes offered once a week throughout a schoolyear, one routine at a time appeared in a 20–30-minute time blocks during the instructional day.

  • 1st semester of Year 1 – Applied Vocabulary launched the first week of school.

  • 2nd semester of Year 1 – Applied Grammar’s Sentence Building the first week after winter break.

  • 1st semester of Year 2 – Applied Reading and Writing launched on the third week of Year 2.

Note Homeschool co-op teachers taught one lesson during the weekly group class and parent teachers followed up at home with 1-2 more lessons before returning to group class the following week.

Note Once a routine was launched, parents shared their home progress with one another.



Home learning – support for

  • homeschool students not part of a homeschool cooperative

  • learning at home to enhance instruction in public / private schools

In addition to being perfect for homeschooling, Writing to Win helps students enrolled in public or private school with added individual attention outside of the classroom. This includes students struggling with literacy or ones needing a challenge that moves them beyond their current teacher’s expectations. Writing to Win can complete your student’s learning and ensure for them a rewarding school year in growth as a reader and writer. The fun and simple routines make it easy for them to feel good about winning at learning.

If you are in search of access to homeschooling or home learning options, check out our Writing to Win routines for teaching your students at home no matter the circumstance!