Applied Grammar Routine


This Applied Grammar package includes the Sentence Building print and online curriculum with teacher manual, student book, online webinars, and video tutorials. These instructional tools help teachers and students move through crafting simple sentences, combining sentences, building paragraphs, and using new grammatical patterns in their independent writing. For starters, we lead with an interactive video for teaching the first lesson of the routine for teachers!.

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Writing to Win Applied Grammar distinguishes itself from other grammar series.

  • Pretest and posttest rewrite passages
  • Engaging puzzles that give students practice building sentences instead of analyzing them.
  • Description of the grammatical pattern practiced at the close of every lesson.
  • No errors in usage and conventions for students to correct.
  • Online edition that delivers precision keyboarding with immediate feedback on capitalization, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Student reports based on national language and writing standards.


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