Applied Vocabulary Student Journal


This is a pair of additional Student Journals to be used with the Applied Vocabulary teacher packet. These instructional tools support students throughout 11 critical-thinking strategies for writing that train students to analyze, compare, contrast, elaborate, explain relationships, reason logically, support claims, and summarize ideas. They help students solidify and boost learning in any course of study. Includes 2 My Writing to Learn student journals per student.

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Writing to Win Applied Vocabulary is a system of writing strategies for building the vocabulary of content standards. Teachers choose from over 12 critical-thinking writing strategies to support the essential question of a lesson. Students respond with a writing strategy to explain what they understand.

This systematic approach to writing empowers students to explain what they have learned in a different way than the teacher taught it. An Applied Vocabulary teacher manual follows five key practices for each critical-thinking writing strategy. Teachers are prompted to

  • Quantify their expectations (number of key terms used in the writing).
  • Model a written response that exceeds their expectations.
  • Guide student choices.
  • Secure student self-assessment with a scoring rubric.
  • Prompt peer response to the quality of writing with PALS (peer-assisted learning system).

Over three decades of research confirms the positive impact of writing to learn content standards.


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