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Applied Vocabulary Routine


This Applied Vocabulary instructional package includes a teacher manual (Applied Vocabulary) and a student book (My Writing to Learn Journal). An online edition provides students and teachers with access to writing prompts for every element of each ELA and math core standard. It also includes prompts based on national science standards.

The 6-12 writing strategies train students to analyze, compare, elaborate, or explain key concepts in their class lessons. These strategies help students solidify and boost learning in any course of study.

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Applied Vocabulary teacher manual includes these features for each
for each critical-thinking strategy

  • A script for using the Five Key Practices in each lesson
  • Teacher model writing
  • Student exemplars that exceed, meet, or approach expectations
  • Sample writing prompts
  • Instructional tools for guiding teacher practices and student performance
  • Student-friendly rubric for self-assessment and peer-evaluation


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