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Paired Texts Packets Student Workbook

Writing to Win Paired Texts Packets are a focused-writing solution that fully integrates reading comprehension tasks with written responses to texts. Teachers focus on vocabulary building at four levels of reading comprehension – literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied reading. They use the writers workshop model to guide students through the writing process from prewriting, drafting, and revision to evaluation.


This teacher package includes a Paired Texts Packet teacher manual, 4 student packets, and 4 teacher packets that move through three 30-minute sessions per week for three weeks. Two packets prompt student writing in informational genre, one in argument genre, and one in narrative genre. It also includes an interactive:

  • Teacher orientation video for individual teacher / parent training or whole school PD
  • Student orientation video for helping students visualize how each session of the Paired Texts Packets works.

The strength of the teacher manual is its full integration of reading and writing in each instructional session. Students write in each session as much as they read.

  • In weeks 1-2, the packets support differentiated reading comprehension at four levels: literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied comprehension.
  • In week 3, the Prewriting, Revision, and Evaluation module help students respond to both texts using the writing process with ease and insight.

For grade 3-5, the teacher’s manual

  • A sample script we use to demonstrate effective use of each session
  • Teacher model of writing for each reading and writing activity
  • Writing modules for
    • Setup – essential vocabulary and sample Word Family exercise
    • Prewriting – six standard advance organizers for extended written responses
    • Revision – six concrete strategies
    • Evaluation – student-friendly analytic scoring rubrics for argument, informational, and narrative genres
  • Templates for creating posters – Picture Makers, Picture Killers, Voice, Pictures, and Flow.
Educator Type

Public/Private Schools, Marzano Academies, Homeschools, Home Learning

Grade Level

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade


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