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Paired Texts Packets

Writing to Win Paired Texts Packets fully integrate reading comprehension tasks with written responses to content-rich reading texts. Teachers guide students in mastering the key terms of each text at four levels of reading – literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied comprehension. They use the writers workshop model to guide students through the writing process from prewriting to drafting, revision, and evaluation.

Included are

  • Professional Development training for teachers
  • Student orientation video for each of the session of the Paired Texts Packets routine.

This teacher package includes a teacher manual, 4 student packets, and 4 teacher packets. Two packets prompt student to write in the informational genre, one in argument / opinion genre, and one in narrative genre. 

 Fully integrating reading and writing means that in each instructional session, students write as much as they read.

For the teacher’s benefit in year 1, we provide full scripted lessons and a teacher model of writing for each reading and writing activity. 

Writing modules for pre-reading exercise (Setup), 6 advance organizers (Prewriting), 6 concrete strategies (Revision), and analytic scoring rubrics for argument / opinion, informational, and narrative genres (Evaluation).

For grade 5, the four paired texts target key state and national standards of ELA, science, and social studies.

Grade 5 PTP content, text titles, genre, and theme

Text 1
Text 2
Genre – how texts relate
5 – social studies
I / A – How innovation changed arts and industry in the U.S. Which change had the greater impact?
How the 1920’s changed America
5 – social studies
I – Comparing the lives of two civil rights leaders
Two struggles for civil rights
5 – science
I / A – Understanding a microscopic view of human health
Cells help the human body
5 – ELA, fiction
N ** – Add a character that enhances a theme
Dress code – social benefit or harm
Educator Type

Public/Private Schools, Marzano Academies, Homeschools, Home Learning

Grade Level

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade


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