Applied Reading and Writing Teacher Package

This instructional package includes

  • A teacher manual
  • Student packets for argument / opinion, informational, and narrative genres
  • Teacher edition of student packets
  • Online interactive instructional videos for each session

Teachers use the packets to guide students through compre­hension tasks and written responses to content-rich reading texts.

  • Literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied reading comprehension
  • Short constructed responses to each reading text
  • Extended writing responses to both texts
    • Prewriting options
    • Concreate revision strategies
    • Evaluation rubrics

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Applied Reading and Writing Paired Texts Packets offer a full literacy balance of read­ing and writing tasks where students write what they are thinking and learning in every session.

Teachers choose from three genres and from four reading comprehension tasks to ensure students fully understand the two texts. They then lead students through the writing process in their extended response to both texts.

This systematic approach to reading and writing keeps reading and writing together in a single 32-page packet. The packets prove to be all that teachers need to help students practice applying their reading and writing skills.

Teachers are prompted to

  • Choose Paired Text Packet in the argument / opinion, informational, and narrative genres
  • Customize instruction in reading comprehension to meet their students’ needs – literal, inferential, evaluative, and applied comprehension
  • Guide student PALs through the writing process – prewriting options, concrete revision strategies, and self-evaluation

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