Writer’s Workshop for the Common Core


Grades 3-8

Writing instruction expert Warren Combs presents a step-by-step plan for teaching writer’s workshops that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The book is filled with practical mini-lessons, strategies, and tools for every stage of the writing process, from prewriting through publication. Scripting is provided, to show teachers how to model each strategy for students.


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Chapter 1 – The Need for a Writer’s Workshop to Work with Ease

Chapter 2 – Common Core and Research Behind the Writing Cycle

Chapter 3 – A First Look at the Writing Cycle

Chapter 4 – Kindling Innate Abilities

Chapter 5 – The Difference the Writing Cycle Makes

Chapter 6 – Respond to a Writing Topic Prompt with Me

Chapter 7 – Prewrite with Me

Chapter 8 – Write First Drafts with Me

Chapter 9 – Revise Words and Phrases with Me

Chapter 10 – Fine-Tune Leads and Closes with Me

Chapter 11 – Combine Sentences with Me

Chapter 12 – Proofread a Final Draft with Me

Chapter 13 – Score a Final Draft with Me

Chapter 14 – Write an Unassisted Writing Sample with Me

Chapter 15 – Publish a Final Draft with Me


Appendix for Student Self-Assessment

Appendix for PALS strategies


3 reviews for Writer’s Workshop for the Common Core

  1. Leslie Snyder, Middle School Advanced English Teacher, Casa Grande Elementary School District

    This book would be ideal for the Administrative/Academic coaches who are responsible for staff development in their buildings. I was “wowed” beyond belief!

  2. Ingrid Jones, Ph.D., Professional Learning Specialist, Caroosa County Schools

    A book that makes writer’s workshop with the common core state standards manageable and doable, is a book that is long overdue.

  3. Dr. Allen Berger, Childhood & Exceptional Student Education, Armstrong Atlantic State University

    Too often students’ ideas are left out of education. Not so in this book, which gives power to students and help to teachers. Warren Combs’ voice engages the reader as he blends a deep understanding of research and practice with state and national trends and standards. The respect shown to teachers and other educators is as appealing as the quotations about writing and life.

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